$200.00 USD

GuidedSMILE Design Certification Course: 101

This course teaches the participant how to design a GuidedSMILE case using the GuidedSMILE plug-in within RealGuide. Participants will learn the how to design traditional CHROME GuidedSMILE and the new GuidedSMILE LITE for both dentate and edentulous patients. 

This revolutionary plan-and-design software allows the user full control over implant and bone reduction planning, the ability to share with colleagues, and the power to turn a plan into a GuidedSMILE product, effectively and quickly.

For the first time, one software provides the power of planning and designing a patent-protected, market leading, stackable guided system.

You will learn:

  • How to import files into RealGuide – dentate and edentulous
  • How to do basic implant and pin planning and model preparation
  • Different Pin Guide designs variations for dentate and edentulous patients
  • All aspects of the GuidedSMILE design process
  • How to successfully troubleshoot complex cases 

NOTE: You will receive a $200 discount coupon for the GuidedSMILE plugin upon the successful completion of this online course.