An Implant Rep's Guide to CHROME GuidedSMILE

Become a GuidedSMILE Ninja!

This educational course is designed to provide a thorough introduction to all aspects of CHROME GuidedSMILE. 

This course consists of 6 modules,  24 educational videos and 6 multiple choice tests. Each video has a complete transcript and additional downloadable related material (e.g. patient record PDF checklists). It will take approximately 4 hours to complete,  not including the tests.

The 6 modules include:

  1. CHROME Componentry
  2. Patient Records
  3. Day of Surgery
  4. The SurgiMAT
  5. Live Surgery Walk-Thru
  6. Standard Prothesis Conversion

Upon completion you will receive:

  • GuidedSMILE Ninja education certificate
  • Printed version of the GuidedSMILE Patient Records book
  • Printed version of the GuidedSMILE Surgical Protocol book